Conversations with Jess from Tan in the City

Jess from Tan in the City

Jess from Tan in the City

Conversations with Jess from Tan in the City

Jess Binnendyk is the owner of Tan in the City. 

She has an edgy, infectious personality and has meticulous work ethics and to top it off she's a tan perfectionist! 

Q: What made you decide to redo your workspace. What wasn’t working with the old space? 

A: Within 2 years the business grew substantially, staff numbers increased and the practical space needs didn’t work. After 2 years it was nice to get a refresh! 

Q: Did you have any fixed ideas of how you wanted it to look? 

A: I wanted to stay on par with the old space look but step up the image. We have grown up and I wanted to reflect that. 

Q: How does the new space work, how is it different? 

A:  Last time we recycled on a very tight budget ( even a chair from the tip!). This time around we wanted to up-cycle and use more organic and sustainable items. I have a great desk crafted from old floorboards, a secondhand couch, eco-friendly paint throughout. The customers love the look and are not aware until told that its up-cycled and more sustainable. 

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to create a commercial space with the environment in mind? 

A: There are no hurdles. It’s easy to source eco paint. You just need someone imaginative in your corner. 

Q: What changes do you see yourself making in your industry to support the ethical movement and inspire others? 

A: I would like to change the practice of single-use hairnets and g-strings. They are not recyclable. Perhaps by making up ‘Keep Packs’ ....a bit like getting rid of single-use coffee cups, you get used to being conscious of your choices.