Blog One

In the beginning

Ive spent half of my life confused... Im just not an interior designer... not exactly.... Im not a scenic artist or a sculpturist..... In fact Ive always said Im strictly no artist at all. I've dabbled in photography and fashion and been successful as I let myself be ... but I wasn't either of those things completely. I live to design and problem solve interiors and spaces.... but I find it hard to explain all that I can and do design.... complete home renovations and 7ft concrete sculptures of wizards and other creepy things..... it sounds insane in the same sentence...... I should know, I've seen plenty of semi blank faces and confused reactions as I try to explain my trade.

Until recently Ive found it hard to even create a website because I felt strongly that I had to just be one thing.... If I couldn't explain to a stranger in one sentence what i did for a living... surely a website/blog would be a complete disaster. 

As I contemplate my first blog... at almost 40, it dawns on me that I AM variety... Im all of those things and  more. Ive served in the forces, worked in Antarctica, I have lived in 10 + countries working as photographer, nanny, dog walker, chef, yoga teacher... theres more but lets just stop there. Im a single mom to a girl who is half unicorn half human.... I think... Two gloriously goofy Golden retrievers  and a cat from the streets. Im blessed to be loved by the man of my dreams and be surrounded in this world by people who inspire me.

I realise just now that my creativity for design and spaces and all my random creations, comes from not so much other like things.... but the things of the world. I can write about anything, because Im inspired by anything from the colour and texture of a dogs coat at the beach or a luxury hotel in the Bahamas, a smile of a stranger or a pair of black suede over the knee boots.... I really do want those boots.

Im inspired by others successes and failures and celebrate both. My hope is that we... lovers of variety and life can come together in little ways and design our own more beautiful life.