Conversations with Grace from Natural Paint Co.

Me with Grace from Natural Paint Co. in Christchurch

Me with Grace from Natural Paint Co. in Christchurch

Conversations with Grace from Natural Paint Co.

Grace is co-founder and head of customer satisfaction at the Natural Paint Company. 

Formerly a nurse with a passion for keeping people healthy and living life to the fullest she became aware of a gap in the market and set about with her partner James to finding a paint alternative that wasn’t harmful or acrylic or chemically based. Natural Paint Company has removed all chemicals and replaced them with natural clay and plant resins. 

Q:  After your inspiration to produce chemical-free paint, how long did it take to launch? 

A: 2 years. We have been selling for 4.5 years 

Q: Did you have any problems breaking into the industry? 

A:  It is always challenging to introduce something new. Mostly it was a matter of reassuring people that the products worked! They last and are durable. That's our point of difference - we haven’t compromised on durability, performance or colour. 

Q: What is your top-selling product? 

A: Our go-to product is our paint. We also have a whole range of natural oils. The pure interior oil is great as it doesn’t yellow the timbers like polyurethane does and is fully waterproof. 

Q: As you are based in Christchurch, how accessible is your product? 

A: We have an online model which offers free shipping throughout NZ for orders over $99. All our packaging is recyclable and after considerable research, we know our paint is fully compostable.