Tan in the City - Ethically Innovative

Tan in the City

Tan in the City, Auckland

Tan in the City, Auckland

For the new Tan in the City salon, I had a small budget and free rein to come up with a  concept that would showcase the owner’s personality and create an experience for her clients.

This was an ethical designers dream project. Almost everything was up cycled, recycled, or found on the

side of the road and customised. Function is always key and this was no exception here as chocolatey tan would be sprayed constantly. We worked with a dark base, good lighting and created an urban jungle like haven.

To tie in with the company colours, Fuchsia pink highlights were added into the custom desk, the up-cycled parrots and the  fabric sprayed chair.

Pet and Vet - Ethically Innovative

Pet and Vet, Auckland

Pet and Vet, Auckland

Pet and Vet

Commercial fit outs can be crazy expensive no matter how you try to budget. This cattery in the North Shore required some serious planning as function and health were key elements. Originally the space had compromised vinyl flooring, was run down and had an overwhelming clinical feel.

Sanding, scraping and stripping back were part of an intense system where we could start from zero. We used an amazing coating product from Resene to seal in the floors and lower walls making them easy clean and cat proof!

We added warmth with a chocolate coloured stain on the sanded back doors and custom panels with washable wallpapers were added for depth and interest. Existing cat climbers were combined and recovered for the ultimate kitty tower!

Even the old chair which we found outside, was painted gold and repurposed.

Mural Moments - Ethically Innovative

Copy of March of the Penguins

Mural Moments

I'm all about it when it comes to interior design ideas that incorporate murals. I don't mean the plastic wall printouts that seem to shout at you from across the room. 

"NOTICE ME ", or the quieter paper versions that still find it hard to settle in to the overall interior plan. 

I admit there ARE some beautiful paper murals which do sit nicely in a space, but the problem for me is that I’m yet to find one that is ethically or sustainably made.  

I remember working in a home as a cleaner when I was 12 and walking into the formal dining room for the first time. The walls right the way round the room, were painted in a misty minty coloured landscape. It felt like I had entered a new world, I was in awe. 

Since then I have always loved that one of a kind, handcrafted feel of a mural, especially in a formal room.

While working in London, I saw some beautiful examples of this craft and this is where I first began creating interior murals myself. 

Of course it doesn't need to always be formal, or landscapes. There is no limit to what you can create. 

If you are trying it for the first time, keep it simple in colour and design and think of something that connects with the interior or space rather than overpowering it.

Murals are really having a moment right now, so there’s no end to the inspiration out there. Pop in for a cocktail at Pineapple on Parnell for some beautiful formal landscapes 

Or online  check out Bar Palmier by interior designer Xavier Segars for a new take on the jungle mural. 

With smaller companies like the Natural Paint Co creating some beautiful eco friendly colorways, 

You can create stunning walls without harming the environment.