Hello, I'm Ali

Ali Ward, founder and principal of Corner Room Design, is a New Zealand designer who draws on her extensive travels to create diversity and depth in her designs.

Ali specializes in crafting impactful, immersive interiors for residential, hospitality, commercial, and retail spaces, complemented by art and creative elements.

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  • Art Styling

    We start with discovering your style, preferences and space details. This enables me to curate an experience that speaks to you.

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  • Commission

    Commissioning an artwork allows you to build a work of art by collaborating with me or another artist - whichever suits your style/vibe.

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  • Interior Design

    Welcome to a place where spaces transcend the ordinary and design becomes an experience.

    Ali Ward's design philosophy revolves around creating a multi-dimensional, captivating sensory experience by delving into the realms of material composition, colour interplay, and the interweaving of modern with vintage.

    At Corner Room Design we believe that acknowledging the value of history, location, and architecture is essential for pushing boundaries and questioning conventional norms.

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Our Interiors Gallery

Art is a powerful tool for anchoring an interior space whilst injecting style and culture.

Carefully selected pieces give a glimpse of who we are as individuals or families. Unmistakably art  is for everyone. Budget, style and space are no hurdle for the task of curating a collection that shows a little piece of your uniqueness.

Corner Room Design showcases unique one off pieces to bring your home or workplace to life.