Corner Room Design is an ethically innovative interior design company based in Auckland, New Zealand and founded by me! I’m proud to have an exceptional portfolio of residential, commercial and creative projects, but my passion lies in protecting our planet with better design decisions.
I have established a reputation for creating commercial spaces throughout New Zealand at popular attractions such as Butterfly Creek, Dinosaur Kingdom, Pirates Cove Mini Golf and Auckland Zoo as well as creative salons and retail interiors for clients like Tan In The City and SNAC.
Creating or sourcing artwork that is customised specifically for my clients interiors is my  passion  and point of difference in my design process.
As a designer I found it frustrating sourcing reasonably priced, quality and unique artworks to maximise a space.  I began creating commissions and sourcing directly from artists. My mission is to make these artworks easily available to interior designers looking for an edge in their design concepts or to anyone looking to create an impactful residential or commercial space. 
If you’d like help planning your design project I offer an end to end personalised design service starting with a consultation to go over your plans and ideas.  If you need help finding artwork for your commercial or residential space,  let's chat!
Email me any questions you may have or to book a consultation. 
Thanks for stopping by.
- Ali