Collection: Love Bites

Love them or hate them snakes are a powerful visual force and humans have been utilising the beauty of snake skins for thousands of years.

Snake skins have become a staple in the luxury fashion industry but sadly the farms that supply luxury brands most often take the usually shy and secretive snakes from the wild and expose them to horrific conditions and prolonged deaths.
For that reason alone, I would rather admire snakes in their majestic live form.

While Iiving in London I visited the home of former Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon. Six large-scale photographs from Guido Mocafico of vibrantly Coloured coiled snakes hung on the wall above the white Chesterfield sofa.
This was absolutely the moment I understood the power of art in relation to interior design. I fell in love with these prints and deeply appreciated the way the creatures were showcased humanely, and simply - letting their natural beauty  shine.